Data mesh — a relatively new term — is essentially an evolution of data architecture, influenced by decades of thought, research and experimentation. Read on to learn more.

A data mesh is a decentralised architecture devised by Zhamak Dehghani, director of Next Tech Incubation, principal consultant at Thoughtworks and a member of its technology Advisory Board.

According to Thoughtworks, a data mesh is intended to; “address[es] the common failure modes of the traditional centralised data lake or data platform architecture”, hinging on modern distributed architecture and “self-serve data infrastructure”.

Key uses for a data mesh

Data mesh’s key aim is to enable you to get value…

Blockchain technology has got to the point that it can be implemented across almost any industry. Here’s our rundown of the top blockchain business ideas that are conducive to positive organisational transformations.

Blockchain is a set of digital records, also known as a distributed ledger, that seals data in an unalterable time-stamp chain. Each block in the chain contains both information about a transaction and a link to a previous block, thus preventing data tempering and keeping it valid.

Initially, blockchain deployment has mostly focused on the financial services area. However, immutable records, decentralised structures and other blockchain benefits bring…

European deep tech companies are worth around €700B, cumulatively, with accelerated growth predicted for 2021. But how are these firms implementing innovative technology to make an impact on the world?

What is Deep Tech?

The term “deep tech” is described by TechWorks as “technology that is based on tangible engineering innovation or scientific advances and discoveries”. Its fundamental focus is to pioneer new solutions that solve society’s biggest issues; including chronic disease, climate change, clean energy and food production. Deep tech firms differ from traditional tech companies since technologists and scientists typically collaborate toward a common goal.

Deep tech’s “profound enabling power” has the…

The potential of blockchain technology in agriculture is almost limitless. With it, farmers can completely rethink many of their outdated and inefficient processes; be it reducing wastage, improving traceability or providing a better way to process financial transactions in the agriculture sector.

Agriculture contributed $1.1 trillion to the U.S. GDP in 2019 — making it one of the most financially important industries in the world.

But the increasing complexity of global food systems means that today’s farmers have less visibility over the supply chain, operations and traceability than ever before. Add to this the world’s $990bn-a-year food wastage problem and…

Data is more present and more powerful than ever. It can be tapped to tailor products, services and experiences. It contains insights on all manner of things; from shopping and travel habits, to music preferences, to clinical drug trial efficiency. And, critically for businesses, it can improve operational efficiency, customer conversion and brand loyalty. DataOps can help developers facilitate data management to add real value to businesses and customers alike.

But, because it can come in many different forms and there’s so much of it, data is a messy mass to handle. Modern data analytics requires a high level of…

In the last year, retail industry players have been introduced to new and familiar business protection challenges. Both in-store and online commerce have been exposed to numerous security threats. What threats may lie ahead and how can they be addressed with retail security solutions? Keep reading to find out.

The pandemic has affected every sphere of our lives, and in-store retail, among other industries, has felt a profound impact. Meanwhile, eCommerce has seen an unprecedented uptick as a result of customers preferring to shop remotely and safely from their homes. …

Both the pharma industry and the wider healthcare sector are now on the cusp of big changes. Learn about the key pharmaceutical information technology trends underpinning these shifts.

Pharmaceutical companies have played a crucial role in the delivery of modern healthcare since the very first drugs were discovered, enabling the effects of debilitating, life-threatening diseases to be managed. Never more has the importance of pharma been felt than this past year, with the race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutic medicines to help treat its symptoms. As digitisation reshapes every facet of the industry, pharmaceutical players need to adapt…

2020 has accelerated the new wave of digital innovation where businesses shift their on-premises workloads to the cloud. Distributed cloud computing is set to revolutionise the current cloud computing model and impact business infrastructure. This article explains the notion of the distributed cloud and how it can power traditional enterprises’ operations.

In our digital age, cloud computing — which provides the possibility to deliver services via the Internet using a remote server network — is a necessity. According to Research and Markets, the worldwide cloud computing market is predicted to reach from $371.4 billion in 2020 to $832.1 billion by…

From wearables that track peoples’ exercise and fitness habits to diagnostic and treatment tools for the healthcare sector, the digital health and wellness market is booming.

According to a recent report by Global Market Insights, the digital health and wellness market was estimated to be worth over USD $106 billion in 2019. And with 2020’s global pandemic expediting the need for digital health technologies, the industry is predicted to grow by a steady 28.5% up to 2026.

The healthcare sector has been innovating since the industrial revolution — earlier, even. But the era of digital transformation is leading to rapid…

The agricultural industry has experienced several revolutions since humans first learned to farm the earth. Now, it’s on the verge of a game-changing new chapter: a connected farm.

Connectivity has transformed almost every facet of life in recent years — from education, to automotive and logistics, to healthcare and more. So, what does a connected farm look like? What are the potential benefits of connectivity in farming and what kinds of technologies will it bring to the agricultural landscape? Read on to find out.

Compared with other industries, the farming sector has embraced relatively few technological innovations since the digital…


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